Vann Struth


Elissa Vann Struth

is a writer and

creator of worlds.


Elissa Vann Struth has a left brain/right brain thing going on, having earned her bachelor's in Economics and History at the University of Manitoba, followed by a master's in Asian Studies at the University of British Colombia. After a couple of years in marketing, she founded and ran her own communications company over the next decade. Now she works as a writer and creative consultant.

Elissa has written short stories and screenplays that have received commendations, including an award-winning short story that was described as...

A poignant, tragic cultural portrait, so sharply-observed it draws blood.
— Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series.

Elissa hosts a bloodthirsty poker night and a cine-literary saloon (for people who like to read/watch movies/drink), and she most enjoys spending time with her favourite people, specifically her husband and four spectacular children.